The Seoul Global Youth Education Center,

established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and operated by the
Smart Education Foundation, is a support center for immigrant adolescents residing in Korea.
We offer tailored services to struggling immigrant adolescents aimed
towards helping them in successfully adapting to life here in Korea.

Seoul Global Youth Education Center

Welcome to the Seoul Global Youth Education Center website.

We wish to become the closest and most precious resource to all immigrant adolescents.
Please do not hesitate to come visit us. We are always waiting with open arms.
The goal of our center, and its employees, is to build a happy space for further development,
together with immigrant adolescents. We fully support the growth of immigrant adolescents.
Seoul Global Youth Education Center Staff

The Seoul Global Youth Education Center works hand in hand with the Smart Education Foundation EDUTV.

EDUTV is an educational broadcasting channel, operated by the Smart Education Foundation and approved by the Ministry of Education. Perfect for families to watch together, the leading educational channel of Korea features programs on English, Chinese, humanities, history, and more.
EDUTV first launched in 2009 under the name “IPTV Live Education Broadcast,” in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the Korea Communications Commission, with the aim to “normalize public education while reducing the burden of fees spent on extracurricular activities.” The foundation developed alongside environmental changes in education according to alterations in the educational paradigm of Korea.
EDUTV discovers and broadcasts outstanding educational programs as well as public content, and offers programs related to English, Chinese, humanities, and history, in various genres through IPTV, the Internet, and mobile devices.

For joyous education that makes dreams come true, while developing the learners’ strengths, EDUTV will continuously strive to pursue its essential values.
Furthermore, EDUTV supports fair opportunity in education for learners of agricultural and fishing villages, low-income families, and multicultural families.

Who We Are

Seoul Global Youth Education Center
    • Seoul Global Youth Education Center
    • Director
    • Ahn Seung-bin
    • 070-7712-7191
    • General supervision and management; association of resources with organizations; networking
    • Seoul Global Youth Education Center
    • Team Leader
    • Park Kun-Hark
    • 070-7712-7192
    • General supervision and management; PR; Cultural Exchange Program
    • Education Support Program
    • Staff Member
    • Lee Hyun-ji
    • 070-4170-0724
    • Korean Language Course; After-school Mentoring, Qualification Examination Prep Course
    • Counseling Program
    • Staff Member
    • Moon min-woong
    • 070-7712-7194
    • Multilingual counseling; Job Exploration Program; Family Therapy Camp; emotional support
    • Operational Support
    • Staff Member
    • Kim Ji-eun
    • 070-7712-7193
    • Operational support, administration and accounting


B-501, 164 Mullae-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 07297, Republic of Korea
From Mullae Station
Leave Mullae Station via Exit 4 or 5; walk 400 meters; and use the building's elevator #9 or #10
From Yeongdeungpo Station
Leave Yeongdeungpo Station via Exit 3, 5, or 6; walk 800 meters; and use the building's elevator #9 or #10